Energy security strategy must balance reality today with future needs

The UK’s future energy security strategy needs to tread a fine line between the practical needs of industry now and its medium to long-term targets, the Head of Manufacturing at national audit, tax, advisory and risk firm Crowe is warning.

Johnathan Dudley said there was the inherent risk of securing the UK’s domestic energy policy and committing to a greener future, while businesses simply imported products from countries that paid only lip service to the environmental agenda.

“It’s no good being ‘clean’ but importing products from countries that aren’t. It’s just creating poverty here while moving the problem elsewhere.

“Not all countries are committed to net zero, let alone by 2030/2050, and this is what is behind the rumoured threat by Toyota to move manufacturing away from the UK. Others may follow.” he said.

He cautioned that an over-aggressive, early implemented energy security strategy has grave short-term risks for business.

“In the short-term there will undoubtedly be an impact on cashflow, on the return on capital employed, and an impact on profits which, ultimately, may risk the survival of some businesses.

“We need a balanced and affordable strategy that supports UK industry in the short-term and incentivises investment for the future. This will need grant funding, as loans are already gearing balance sheets too much.

“Organisations with money will only invest in countries with the best incentives and a more realistic, balanced approach to net zero.

“Industry has a key role to play here as an influencer, to help the UK government steer a viable path between ultimate energy security for the country, and the current practicalities facing manufacturing businesses.”



  • Miriam Sherwood, Director, People Communications & Marketing, Crowe UK. Tel: (0)121 543 1900,

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