Thursfields advice as ‘Divorce Day’ looms in the New Year

The annual rise in calls from couples making the difficult decision to separate is about to hit the UK on Monday 6 January, according to Thursfields Solicitors.

An expert at the Midlands leading law firm was commenting as the festive period comes to an end and what’s known as ‘Divorce Day’ – the first working Monday in January – arrives.

Shane Miller, director of the Family department at Thursfields, said: “Couples who might have been struggling with their relationship often try to keep things together over Christmas for a variety of reasons.

“Whether it’s for the sake of their children, to give the relationship one last chance or simply to avoid awkward conversations at a time that’s supposed to be about togetherness, they try to hold on throughout the festive season.

“But in contrast, the New Year is often thought about in terms of fresh starts, people looking ahead and developing their own life goals, and finally taking steps towards what they want for their long-term futures.

“At the same time, the inevitable stress of the holiday period can reveal cracks in relationships or expose uncomfortable issues that couples may have been trying to ignore.

“For all these reasons, things can come to a head, resulting in what the legal sector refers to as ‘Divorce Day’ when the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over and there’s a sudden increase in couples seeking divorces.” 

Miss Miller said that for couples facing those first steps of separation, there are many issues they need to carefully consider.

She said: “While divorce law will change in the near future, the only current legal basis for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of marriage in one of five different ways.

These are unreasonable behaviour, adultery, two years’ separation by consent, five years’ separation and two years’ desertion, and these routes have to be thought through from the very start.”

Miss Miller added: “In short, if anyone is serious about seeking divorce they need to seek legal advice early as it’s a complex and challenging decision for anyone to make.”

Anyone wanting to discuss separation or divorce can contact Miss Miller on 01562 820575 or at

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